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This is an automated StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void tournament for All-Inspiration members.

Tournament format

The tournament format will be Bo1 sets all the way through the tournament, and will be a single-elimination bracket. Maps should be chosen exclusively from the ladder map pool at the time the tournament has started. Map selection should be performed using an ABABAB C format, where each player will alternate between making map vetoes, starting with the top seed, until only one map remains unvetoed in the map pool.


Only All-Inspiration members (full and trial) are eligible to play in this tournament. Please ensure sets are completed promptly - if a result is not submitted by the submission deadline, both players playing in that set will be disqualified from the tournament. The result submission deadline for sets in the first round is one hour after the start time of the tournament. The submission deadline for the next round will be one after that, and so forth, for all subsequent rounds. If an opponent is unable to be contacted within 15 minutes of the previous round's submission deadline (or, in the case of the first round, within 15 minutes of the tournament start time), one may claim a walk-over for that set by disqualifying the opponent.

Progressing the tournament

Scores can be submitted either through the tournament page on Challonge here, or through the discord bot organising the tournament. Disqualifications can only be performed through the discord bot. Operational advice on using the bot can be requested from it directly. Replays may be uploaded in addition to reporting the score, but this is not necessary.

최종 결과

최정상 챔피언: AllinSiegfried
주목 받을 강자: Andy "TechFour" Michaud (invitation pending)
미래의 강자: Dean "Lumiya" McAndrew (invitation pending)

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